Soap Care

All bars of soap are the happiest when they are left to dry out in-between uses.  Using a soap dish is best to help prolong the life of the bars.  Using a draining soap dish or a soap saver bag is highly recommended.  Ivy & Zale have both soap dishes and soap saver bags available for purchase. 

Our Cut

All our bars of soap are hand cut apart from our Honeycomb and our Heart Bars.  Please allow for slight variations in each bar.   They are all handmade and batches do not always duplicate the same way. 

Our bars are approximately 5.5 oz.  

Honeycomb bars are approximately 3.8oz - 4 oz.

Allow for slight weight variation.  No two batches are identical.  Everything is handmade in small batches which may cause for small variations in each bar.