Our Mission

Our Mission

Ivy & Zale is dedicated in creating 100% natural, eco-friendly and artistically crafted products.  All of our products are handmade with the goal of nourishing your skin by using only pure and clean ingredients.   With your busy schedule we want to bring a touch of well-deserved luxury, healthy products to your world that feels like you've stepped into a spa.

Our Vision

Our Vision is for every individual to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.  Recognizing that the skin is the bodies largest organ, and everyone deserves to feed their skin with nourishing, cleansing, quality products no matter what skin type we have.  Our vision is to help our environment and our future by using sustainable ingredients that are synthetic free, and to always use eco-friendly packaging with the mind set of Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. 

Our vision for Ivy & Zale is to continue to create a variety of natural bath and body products that will always provide a gentle, nourishing and moisturizing experience while staying true to our core values.

Core Values

  • Our products are free of synthetic ingredients, parabens, phthalates, palm oil, mica, fragrance and cruelty free.
  • We use mineral-rich clays and botanicals to create our custom colors and essential oils for our beautiful scented products; 
  • Everything that goes into our products can be found in nature;
  • We do not use bases; all of Ivy & Zale’s products are made from scratch in small batches with lots of love;
  • We support natural & sustainable practices that serve and protect our environment and our future;
  • To treat every customer with quality service.  To be there to help with custom orders, to satisfy specific needs and requirements for all different skin types, including any allergies or sensitivities one may have;
  • To create long lasting, nourishing, cleansing and creamy bars with lots of wonderful lather;
  • Ivy & Zale is committed to using oils and butters which are ethically and locally sourced, as best we can;
  • Dedicated to creating recipe’s that are gentle, nourishing, rich in vitamins, leaving your skin feeling renewed, soft and glowing with radiance.
  • To build long lasting relationships with every customer.  We value family first and foremost and at Ivy & Zale our customers are our family.