About Us

Hi there!  My name is Amanda and my husband’s name is David.  We are the Founders of Ivy & Zale.  Ivy & Zale is named after our two wonderful daughters ages 4 and 6 years old.  We love being surrounded by nature, eating spicy food, singing and dancing, laughing and spending time with family and friends.   

We love making soap!  Even more, we love making soap while being creative together.  We are Canadians living in the Greater Toronto Area.  We first fell in love with the idea of making cold processed soap when we had our first baby.  We realized, even the “natural” products we were using on her were full of synthetic ingredients.  We knew there had to be a better way.  Amanda comes from a family with severe eczema.  Watching her twin sister from birth always having itchy, irritated, flakey and red skin was incredibly sad.  Even worse, to see daily how uncomfortable she was in her own skin was heartbreaking.  As a newborn, our first had baby acne and small patches of eczema, this is when we knew that using commercial products on her was not an option.  Her skin was delicate and needed pure and natural ingredients.  Even more so, we realized that not only should people with sensitive skin use natural products, everyone should. 

Amanda studied Aromatherapy many of years ago and has always had a love relationship with essential oils.  There are so many wonderful properties and benefits to every essential oil and many have natural solutions for many skin conditions. We knew it was important to create a product that was clean and sustainable, meaning no synthetic additives such as fragrances and micas.  Our goal was to create a product using all of mother nature’s gifts and miracles.  And so, Ivy & Zale was created.

We have formulated our recipes by using a combination of eight oils & butters, a variety of essential oil blends for scent and natural colorants such as clays & herbal powders.  We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us and are excited to be able to continue growing and sharing our creations with you. 


All-Natural Products - Our Products are made with natural, skin nourishing ingredients.  We use only natural ingredients such as oil and butters, mineral-rich clays, botanicals and essential oils.  We are animal-cruelty free, phthalate, paraben, and preservative free as well as fragrance, mica, ultramarine and palm oil free.  Our products are skin-loving, creamy, silky, nourishing and cleansing. They keep your skin feeling soft and our customers love using them again and again.  They are perfect even for the most sensitive skin!

Small Batch and Handmade - We are a small family run business.  Our soap bars are all handmade in small batches using the traditional cold process method.   A 4-6 week curing time is used to ensure high-quality bars.  All of our ingredients are locally sourced as best as possible and are carefully selected. You will only find clean, synthetic free products that your skin will love you for at Ivy & Zale.

Eco-Friendly and Zero Waste - We take pride in creating a beautiful and clean environment for everyone, especially for our babies, and all the children across the globe who we will be leaving our environment to.  What we do today can make a difference for our future.  We are 100% clean, plastic-free and zero waste company.  Using bars of soap are a simple way to help the environment.  This means less plastic waste from packaging.  Our beautiful zero-waste products are labelled with a recycled cigar band and packaged with eco-friendly products. 



    It is prohibited for bath and body companies in Canada to make any health-related claims about beauty products.  We are not medical, or healthcare professionals and we do not claim that the use of Ivy & Zale products have any positive effect on pre-existing physical and/ or mental health conditions.  All of the information in the descriptions of Ivy & Zale products pertains solely to the properties of the specific ingredients used in the products.